About us

We live in Lithuania, Europe. In Lithuanian language, our country’s name sounds similar to the word “rain”, so it’s not surprising at all that it is cold or rainy here quite often (actually, for about 9-10 months in a year). In order to feel warm through this long and gloomy period, we really have to fill our wardrobes with some warm clothes. Although, it is not necessary to cover yourself in dozens of synthetic layers – there are natural materials, such as wool, that can keep us warm naturally. But wool sometimes “bites” and doesn’t feel nice to skin, so we had to find another equally great material, which would keep us warm and cosy. We had tried Cashmere and simply fell in love with it! We had to go through quite a long path of finding the right one, but when we found Cashmere from Italy, we were completely sure that our search was finally over.

Knitting is our biggest passion and we put all our best energy into our hand made garments. Encouraged by my friends, we decided this could become something more than a hobby and opened a shop, called Triki Cashmere. Triki Cashmere designs are simple, yet timeless, elegant and impossible not to notice. They can be hand-washed gently many times – this way the garment becomes even softer. Thin Cashmere clothes fit perfectly in a hand-luggage, so they are my go-to choice for travelling. Triki Cashmere is dedicated to creating elegant, high class, yet affordable Cashmere garments. Each item's design is relatively simple, but has its own uniqueness.

Since February 2020 our team joined Akvile who loves handcrafts since childhood.

We hope that our Cashmere garments will fill your heart with warmth, happiness and joy.

Best regards,
Jurate and Akvile