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If you’d ask me, Cashmere is one of the greatest materials on earth. As soon as I put a nice cashmere garment on, it instantly makes me feel calm, balanced and in piece. Soft as a fluff, thin and light cashmere sweaters, warm and cozy Cashmere scarves – everything is designed to fill your life with timeless comfort and beauty. Cashmere clothing items will never go out of style, on the contrary – if properly taken care of, they will serve you for many years to come (that’s why i consider them a true valuable). No wonder that this natural material is highly appreciated among people who choose quality over quantity and carefully select only the most exquisite items for their closet.

The best property of Cashmere is its thinness – it helps you stay elegant and never compromise on warmth. Cashmere has the same warming properties as wool, but it is much more pleasant to the skin and doesn’t cause any allergies. Also, it is truly versatile: a high quality cashmere garment will make you comfortable at work, help you stand out in the party and keep you warm and cozy during long walks by the sea.

All Cashmere items are made of the highest quality Italian Cashmere thread, purchased from the trusted manufacturers (some of the best known brands worldwide use the same thread to make their clothes). All garments are handmade, therefore, you should expect a bit of waiting time. The ordered item is made in 2-5 days, then it needs to be hand-washed, ironed, packaged into paper boxes and shipped out to you by LT post registered priority mail. Usually it takes from 1-2 (EU) to 2-4 (US, Canada, Australia, etc.) weeks. You can choose DHL Express shipping 1-5 days delivery worldwide.

What is more, I want to make sure that the garments you choose fit perfectly to you. This is why I ask to provide your exact measurements for me to double check if you have ordered the correct size.